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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Minnesota's Great River Road?

Minnesota's Great River Road leads travelers along the Mississippi River for 565 miles from its headwaters in Itasca State Park through six unique destination areas until it reaches Iowa, continuing through nine other states to the Gulf of Mexico. See Minnesota's Great River Road on a map!

What is a National Scenic Byway?

A National Scenic Byway is a roadway or network of roadways designated by the Federal Highway Administration based on one or more archaeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreational, and scenic qualities that individually or collectively are of national importance.

Who is in charge of the Corridor Management Plan?

The Mississippi River Parkway Commission of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Transportation led the development of the Corridor Management Plan and are statutorily responsible for managing the byway, through partnerships with local governments, chambers of commerce, convention and visitors bureaus, and tourism-related river resource managers.

What is the Mississippi River Parkway Commission of Minnesota?

The Mississippi River Parkway Commission (MRPC) of Minnesota was initiated in 1938 as part of a larger 10-state commission along the full length of the Mississippi River. Today the MRPC of Minnesota exists to preserve, promote and enhance the scenic, historic and recreational resources of the Mississippi River, to foster economic growth in the corridor and to develop the national, scenic and historic byway known as the Great River Road.

Minnesota Mississippi River Parkway Commission Organization Chart

For more information, visit the MRPC Overview page.

What does the Corridor Management Plan include?

Corridor Management Plan tasks included assessing the byway and its resources, conducting open houses and web-based outreach, convening a high-level technical advisory committee, developing detailed maps for analysis, strategy development and trip planning, improving byway storytelling, developing community kiosks aimed at bicyclists exploring the Mississippi, surveying visitors in person and online, refining a visual resource protection plan, improving multimodal travel coordination, improving public health through river exploration, encouraging economic development that safeguards byway resources, and developing byway organization business, communication, and facilities management plans.

What will the Corridor Management Plan accomplish?

Corridor Management Plan Themes Infogram

What resources are featured?

The resources featured will include recreation, nature, industry, art and history, food and drink, festivals and events, scenic views, and others.

When was the Corridor Management Plan completed?

The Corridor Management Plan was finalized in early 2016.

How can I help or get involved?

Check out the Participate page for more information on how to get involved.

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